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GRE Mock Test & practice test

Asked by rashmi7

Hi I am preparing for GRE this year can anyone help me to get GRE Mock test online? What is the paper pattern of GRE? Is TOEFL Exam is compulsory with GRE?


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    Ankita AroraThu, 11 Aug 2011 05:54:11 -0000


    In reference to your query, GRE and TOEFL both the tests are required to take admissions in Universities abroad. Test of English as Foreign Language TOEFL" is an English Proficiency test which is required to be taken by all the students who come from countries where English is not a native language.

    In order to prepare for GRE test you can use the link that follows:
    GRE Test Prep

    Also you can download power prep tests from ETS website free of cost.

    Graduate Record Examination GRE pattern is changing from 1st August onward.

    As per the information available so far, the major changes coming in are as follows:
    1. Test has been made test takes friendly.
    2. Test takers can skip questions for later completion
    3. Use of calculators is allowed
    4. Verbal section has the major change. It is infact in favor of students as antonyms and analogies will be completed omitted from the test.
    5. Sectional marks will now range from 130-170 instead of 200-800. Thus it is a one point scale now rather than 10 point making system.

    The new marking system will help better evaluation. Reason being previously a single wrong answer used to make difference of 10 points in the total score. This will give a fair judgement to the admission decisions.

    You can get detailed information on the same using following information:
    New GRE Pattern

    You can get back to us for any further queries.

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