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Average GRE score requirements for Masters in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering in US

by Ankita Arora

The first step to admissions in graduate programs in US Universities is undoubtedly taking up the standardized tests. For that matter GRE becomes the first step for most of the study abroad aspirants. Getting this first step right could be a hurricane task for some while a cake walk for the others. It depends on individual constraints. But yes for sure a good GRE score means half the battle won.

To help you recognize your targets in terms of GRE scores at most of your desired Universities we are hereby making an attempt to summarize GRE score requirements at some of the top US Universities.

Most of the Universities offering graduate programs do not publish any minimum GRE score requirement as they focus on all credentials of the application equally. Thus based on the information present on the University websites, following information has been collated.

University US News Rank for Computer Science 2010 US News Rank for Electrical/Electronics/Communication Engineering 2012 Avg. GRE score requirement for Computer Science Department Avg. GRE score requirement for Electrical Engineering Department
Stanford # 1, # 1 Quant: 785 No information available
UC Berkley # 1 # 3 Quant:785
Verbal: 595
Verbal: 595
Georgia Tech # 10 # 5 Quant:700
Verbal: 500 (min. requirements)
Verbal: 572
UC Los Angeles # 14 # 13 Quant: 790
Quant: 770
Verbal: 541
University of Maryland College park # 14 # 16 Quant: 780
Verbal: 580
No information available. But Quant scores are more important then verbal section scores.
Columbia University # 17 # 19 No information available. Quant min. score: 750 Quant:750
Verbal: 500 (min. requirements)
UPenn # 17 # 32 Quant:780
Verbal: 570
Quant: 770
Verbal: 540
University of North Carolina a Chapel Hill # 20 # 29 Quant: 785
Verbal: 580 (min. requirements)
Quant: 785
Verbal: 540 (min. requirements)
New York University # 28 # 33 Quant: 700 Analytical Writing: 4.0 (min. requirements) No information available
Ohio State University # 28 # 19 Quant: 700
Verbal: 500 (min. requirements)
Quant: 758

As the average/minimum GRE score requirements are not updated as per the new pattern of GRE revised General test, you can compare these scores in the old pattern with the new ones here

The above information will surely give you an idea about the GRE score requirements of the top US Universities.

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    anmol_24Thu, 12 Sep 2013 05:06:41 -0000

    Sir, i want to know the top university for automation and robotics. I have scored 65.4% in graduation from U.P.T.U,INDIA. And what score i can got top universities in this field? And there is a little chance for scolorship?

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    Sreejith RamakrishnanTue, 12 Jun 2012 20:23:28 -0000

    Whats the GPA requirements for these universities?

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    babak147Tue, 25 Dec 2012 11:44:17 -0000

    Hi sir
    I have a question.I am a good researchist in my own field civil engineering. I have ISI
    essay on earthquake in AHAR and VARZEGAN cities and I am working on it
    with Dr KAVE in my own country Iran. I have been working for 7 yours
    in civil engineering projects. I know English, French, Turkish and my
    own language Persian. I am a Turk that lives in URMIA city now. I got
    297 on GRE 150 on quantitative and 147 on verbal. I did my best but
    had a big mistake on last 10 questions off quantitative part. I
    expected about 168. Now I can't pay any more for this exam, because it
    is too expensive in our country because of embargos. I don't know even
    I have a chance to study master in abroad or not. It will be great to
    find a university in USA with full Scholarships. Please help me. I
    have no body. I am all alone and so confused. Thanks a lot.

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