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US Colleges accepting low GRE scores

by Manisha Verma

USA colleges are famous across the globe for their quality education and research work. Thousands of students choose USA as their preferred study abroad destination. To get admission in any post graduate programme in USA colleges or universities you need to take few tests. GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is among the basic eligibility criteria exams for all international students. Apart from this important test as an international student you need to showcase your language proficiency and for that you are required to submit your language test score of IELTS or TOEFL. GRE exam is not really tough, if you have good command over your subject's basics you can score well in the overall scorecard. If you are planning to apply in any good university you need to score at least 1200 according to old pattern and 350 scores according to the new pattern.

GRE exam is divided into three sections: GRE Analytical writing, Quantitative reasoning and Verbal section. If you know the exam pattern and marking format it will be easy for you to score well. Some top notch US colleges look for good GRE score. But there are a number of students who do not score well in their GRE exam, but still want to get admission in USA colleges. For them there are many colleges in USA which do not look for good score in GRE test. A student can also apply to the colleges who accept comparitively low GRE score. There are many colleges which do not evaluate students on just their GRE scores, but they consider other scores as well. Here is the list of US colleges accepting comparatively low GRE scores:

University Name Programme Name GRE score as per old pattern
University of Wyoming M.S in Computer Science
Ph.D in Computer Science
M.S in Chemical Engineering
South Dakota State University M.S in Computer Science
M.S. in Civil & Environmental Science
M.S. in Industrial Management
M.S in Construction Management
No GRE required
No GRE required
No GRE Required
No GRE required
Black Hills State University M.S. Intergrative Genomics GRE attempt required
University of Rhode Island M.S. Chemical Engineering
M.S. in Textiles
M.S. in Fashion Merchandising and Design
M.S. in Computer Science
M.S. in Biomedical
No GRE required
No GRE required
No GRE required
No GRE required
University of Oregon M.S. in Computer Science 1050

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